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We offer the 40 main wine aromas to anybody who wants to improve their smelling capabilities.

Wine tasting experience

Are you sure to recognize at first the lychee aroma ?

And from which variety of grape does it comes ?

If you want to increase your level in wine and more appreciate or talk about, now you have this possibilty for only 99$.

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V. Fontanille - customer 2022

“Thanks a lot to Parlervin for this nice birthday present. Do not hesitate to visit their website for yourself or for an original and qualitative gift to offer"

La Mode a la Francaise - Media 2022

“Hous sommes plongées dans des sensations à la fois sensorielles et gustatives qui ne nous laissent pas en reste. Résultat, chaque immersion dans l’univers de l’oenologie nous emporte dans un monde où l’on raffole du « bon » et du « goût », du « bon goût ».“